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    Ben Feinblum - Age 15

    Hi, my name is Ben Feinblum. I'm a local high schooler who works hard to maintain an A+ average in a number of advanced/AP Courses. I've always been a 'Techie', wanting the newest and best gadgets money can buy. My passion for computers and photography make me one of the most professional and low-cost people to work with in Westchester.

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    Laura S.

    "Ben works with you over the phone remotely and is able to access your desktop and guides and helps you through whatever issue you have going on. I have never seen anyone so professional, expert, efficient, and pleasant to work with! And his fees are extremely reasonable. If you don't want to wait on the phone for a company to help you or pay an arm and a leg, Ben is an enormous resource!"

    Larry M.

    "[Ben] is amazing, I felt like I was talking to the CEO of a company. What a great young man. I've hustled my whole life and it's nice to talk to a 15yo who's already 'got it'."

    Joe M.

    "You are an organized young man. Great working together"

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